Friday, April 3, 2015

Pocket Scrapbooking...Do I dare???

Happy Friday!
Happy Spring!
I've been very busy at work, which translates to exhausted at home.  And that translates to not much crafting going on.  But, it's Spring Break and I've spent this rainy Friday catching up on some scrapbooking.  I'm about halfway through Christmas, 2014.

I have played around with scrapbooking in the past few years, mostly mini albums.  I am starting to think I would like to commit more seriously to documenting more of our everyday life.

I am working on a Simple Stories Snap Album, not holding myself to any rigid schedule and allowing myself the freedom to dabble. It's fun.  I've been watching a lot of process videos and have enjoyed seeing the creativity and styles out there.  I think I need to try a 12 X 12 album to tell a more continuous, cohesive story.  So I'm off to my local craft store tomorrow morning to pick up an album, page protectors and a few crafting goodies (I've got a list). 

I know I won't be able to do a picture a day, or even a weekly layout.  Any kind of expectation like that just makes me anxious and robs my crafty time of it's joy.  But I will post from time to time so I have a record of this part of my creative journey here on the blog.

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