Saturday, July 19, 2014

Happy LIttle Memories

I was going through my piles of patterned paper trying to decide if I wanted to purge some of the papers I've been hoarding and the answer was no.  I can't help it. I love paper!  But I also hate wastefulness.  All those wonderful stacks and 12 X 12 sheets are just sitting there in boxes doing no one any good whatsoever.  So, if I can't bear to part with my piles, I better find a way to use them, right?

I found a pin on my Pinterest "mini books" board and was inspired to try creating a smashbook type album.  Here is the link to the designer's video:  LisaEDesign Travel Mini Journal

And here is a pic of the front of my finished journal:

The paper is October Afternoon's Woodland Park.  It was fun to make and a great use of a paper collection since most come complete with stickers and label sheets.  I added very few supplemental embellishments, only a few stamps, and voila!

Here is a quick video to show you the pages ready for journaling and photos: 

Please excuse my non-existent editing skills!  I just thought it would be easier than posting a photo of each page.

Anyway, I kept it pretty simple.  The washi tape was a quick fix for some paper tearing that happened when I stitched the pages together.  It's the only washi I own!  Luckily, it fit in with the colors and vintage-y vibe of the paper.  I just continued it a bit here and there throughout the rest of the album so that it looked cohesive.  

I'll post some pics at the end of the summer of the completed album (and by end of summer I mean some time before Christmas...hopefully).

Have a great day!


  1. It's a fabulous book, Mary! I love how you incorporated so many different papers and the stickers. I love paper, too. It's so addictive. Thanks for the link to my project! Lisa

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Lisa! It was really fun to make. I SO appreciate your work. Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. What a great way to use your 'hoarded' papers, I gotta say anything this beautiful is definitely well worth dipping into the stash (but I'm much the same aren't they just so lovely to have round... just in case I need them lol)


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