Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hello, Friend!

I've been practicing my coloring.  All I can say is it's harder than it looks.  I'm having a hard time finding just the right shades for blending.  Lots of youtube tutorials in my future!

Here is one of the cards I finished this morning using CC Designs  "Sunglasses Emma."  

The layout was inspired by Kay Miller's clean and layered beach scenes. Please check out her amazing blog here.

I plan on sending these to a few teacher friends who I won't see over the summer. Hopefully they are getting in lots of relaxation and beach time!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Oh Mary, I think your coloring is just wonderful! She looks perfectly blended to me :D Such a cute card! I love your scalloped waves ;) I am so honored that you were inspired by my card enough to create one similar! And thank you so much for mentioning me and linking to my blog. I really appreciate that. Oh and thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog too! Hope you have a wonderful week! (( Hugs))

  2. I agree with Kay, your coloring looks marvelous! This is such an adorable card, the little girl looks so cute all decked out for the beach!!

  3. Thank you, both! I posted the best of the three cards I made, of course. No one needs to see the mistakes, right?


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